Improve Your Sales Communication with us at NADA Come join us at the #Nada Brent, Jon, Marianne, Alex, Paul, Quinn and Danny    

Snapcell NADA 2018 Las Vegas 03/18/18 created by Marianne Farrell - Hey I look forward to being of assistance

Using Video To Stand Out and Sell Yourself 03/18/18 created by Alex Gent - Come see me in Las Vegas

One-To-One Video for Personal Connection 03/21/18 created by Brent Williams :- Come meet the Snapcell Team why gamble on video technolgy when you can play the winning cards with us First Time Every time Here some of the call features that can help your store improve sales and up sell in fixed Ops          App Based  [...]

Welcome To Snapcell Great video Marissa, Video taken of the Nissan Murano

Using Video to Stand Out and Sell Yourself 03/17/18 created by Marianne Farrell :- People Buy From People They Trust   Whether you're the new kid on the block or the old timer that everyone knows about, you will always be looking to make a good first impression for new customers while continuing to impress your existing ones with new[...]

Improve Your Sales Communication with Video The rapid rise of video as a primary format to consume information has led to the development of Video Relationship Marketing. But, what does this really mean. First, we need to clarify what we mean by Relationship Marketing.   According to Forbes, "Relationship Martketing is a strategy designed to foster customer loyalty, interaction and[...]